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First State Bank, Lincoln - Services included IT Policy and Procedure Review, Penetration Test, and Internal Vulnerability Scan. I was very impressed by VMA consultants, they did an excellent job, and look forward to working with them in the future. (Andrew Cooper, IT Manager)


Agrex Inc. - Exceeded expectations with responsiveness, and the ability to take our ideas, assist us in organizing them, and design a website that is both useful and manageable. (Maria Griffiths, Marketing Manager)


Heritage Bank - Much more detailed and indepth than previous 3rd party IT audits we have had completed by other firms. Knowledge of IT infrastructure was outstanding. (Kevin Henderson, Director of Information & Technology)


Preferred Healthcare Professionals - VMA helped us prevent malware breech and systems downtime, so we could focus on HIPAA readiness. (Ray Panfil, IT Director)


CarStar - One of our growth “keys for success” is to take advantage of “IT as a weapon”. VMA helped our alignment of Information Technology people, processes and technology to support our journey of organizational growth. (John Shannon, Chief Financial Officer)


CGI - VMA provided project management where multiple buisness challenges covered multiple locations with a diverse set of stakeholders. VMA provided the right methods, tools, approach and processes within a challenging business climate. (Kent Smith, Account Executive)


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Our Company - VMA provides a full range of Information Technology Advisory Services including IT Audit, IT Integration, IT Management and Project Management services to help organizations identify, evaluate and implement solutions to business problems. We are a provider of industry leading IT risk management solutions that enable companies to proactively protect IT assets and comply with Regulatory Compliance requirements. Our professionals have extensive experience in business, technology and security services and hold a comprehensive set of industry certifications, supported by many years of practical experience. We have the knowledge and capability to solve complex business, technology and security challenges with innovative solutions. Our performance is measured by our client satisfaction.


Our Services - The globally connected business environment increases information security risk. The introduction of web-based and wireless technology, make security one of the most challenging and complex issues facing companies today. An additional challenge in today’s esecurity marketspace is in determining the right level of investment in information security while complying with regulatory requirements. Organizations need to have confidence that the required level of protection is first understood, then delivered. VMA helps take the guesswork out of IT security investments. VMA will facilitate the analysis of organizational protection requirements, now driven more than ever by IT security compliance (PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FACTA, SAS 70 etc.), then correlate with risk exposure, effort to mitigate risk and action for resolution. We provide companies with methods to close known technology vulnerabilities and implement policy, procedure and lead practice configuration standards to protect against uknown threats. VMA differentiates itself by empowering clients with tools to identify risk, select appropriate mitigation strategies, quantify effort, prioritize remediation action and report results, as a dynamic and ongoing set of operational processes, rather than “one and done” projects.


Our People - The VMA advisory services team is comprised of senior management, audit, security and IT professionals with experience serving many Fortune 500 clients in health care, financial services, telecommunications, logistics, government, education, and utility industries. The leadership team, with over 60 years combined experience in business and professional services consulting, will offer qualified, strategic, responsive, and cost conscious delivery of solution focused services. VMA employs professionals located in metro areas throughout the United States and Canada, with the main office in Kansas City.


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